The Cunning Fox and The Wise Crane – Active Reader (Level-III)


  • The Cunning Fox and The Wise Crane - Active Reader (Level-III)


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    Go on a journey with a cunning fox and a wise crane!


    The story is that of a cunning, cruel fox and a friendly crane where the moral lies in do unto others as you would be done by.


    The ‘Active Reader’ series contains 6 levels with 6 books under each level that promote cognitive abilities of children and encourage independent reading. There are several aspects in the books that help the child grasp the story easily – colourful illustrations and a vocabulary section at the end of each book with context specific meanings of difficult words. The story ends with either a thought-provoking question or a prompt that encourages the child to think of alternate storylines. They are inspired to draw their own conclusions and understand how the story can be different. This enables children to broaden the horizons of their imagination and take an active interest in learning.


    For children above 5 years of age and above, the content is designed on the reading level of the child rather than age or enrolled grade to ensure that any child can pick up reading and progress at their own pace.


    Other titles available in this level are The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse, Who Will Bell The Cat?, The Three Little Pigs , The Wolf and The Seven Little Kids and The Monkey and The Two Cats.

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