Smart Learners Evs Studies Workbook Primer (NE)


Language: English

No. of Pages: 80

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    Smart Learners Evs Studies Workbook Primer (NE)


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      Smart Learners Evs Studies Workbook Primer (NE)


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      Primer EVS Workbook includes exercises on topics given in the Reader book; such as about myself, parts of my body, my sense organs, my family and many more. The exercises include crosswords, colouring, spotting the difference in pictures, identifying body parts and their functions through pictures. Exercises in the Workbook include fill in the blanks, identify the image, match the following, colouring, fill in the missing word and many more.

      The book also includes extended engaging activities such as riddles, crosswords and matching figures to words are included in the book. By scanning QR codes, one can access exercises for better explanation, gaining a better idea of a specific skill such as auditory skills, fine motor skills, speaking skills that can be developed with particular exercises.

      The child can carry out the exercises independently or with the help of their parents or guardians.

      The books are a part of the Smart Learners collection aimed at enabling the child to improve upon their critical and logical thinking, fine and gross motor skills and various other activities that contribute to their holistic development based on the topics given in the ‘Reader’ section.

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