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Art is essential for cognitive, effective and psychomotor development in every child. It also helps them in visualising, scenario building, creative problem-solving, divergent, critical and reflective thinking. Creative Quest, a series in Art Education, for classes 1 to 8, is an attempt to steer children and educationists in direction of holistic learning.

In primary level content is based on self, family, school and the immediate environment.

The different theme as defined in the ICSE curriculum has been adapted in Creative Quest to encourage children to learn and make art and integral part of their lives.



Creative Quest  Shapes and Forms: Lines, shapes and sizes of objects in the immediate surroundings/environment, both natural and man-made, are defined as forms.

Creative Quest   Colours: Understanding the use and characteristics of colours – Hue, tint, shade in the different types of artwork.

3d, Texture Icon - Download Free Icons   Texture: This defines different surfaces: Soft, smooth, hard, rough, etc.

Composition Icons - Download Free Vector Icons | Noun Project  Composition: Organisation of 2D and 3D shapes, artistic placement of colours and forms, arranging patterns, making designs, etc.

8 Tools and Techniques of Gene Manipulation  Tool and Techniques: Use of flat and round brushes, exploring 2D and 3D methods and different types of materials used in making an artwork.

A Fun Process for Teaching Vocabulary  Art Vocabulary: Identification of tools, papers and materials.

Responding, essentials, color, controls, user, message, ultra icon  Responding to Art: Appreciation of artefacts and nature around us.

Perspective - Free user icons  Perspective: It helps in knowing, understanding and appreciating the beauty of 3rd dimension in any object, architecture or scene.



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